Exhaust Silencers

Through our own development and design, project and customer-specific exhaust silencers are designed, manufactured and delivered. In combination with our products catalysts and heat exchangers, the exhaust system optimized for the legally required noise values is created for individual use. The design of an exhaust silencer is usually based on the combination of reflection and absorption, so as to ensure a broadband attenuation of the exhaust noise. All popular sizes, configurations (horizontal, vertical, round, rectangular) and materials are available.
Through the combination of exhaust silencer, exhaust aftertreatment and heat recovery as a single unit the required residual sound levels are optimised.

Exhaust silencer with dual outlet

Dual axial inlet

Exhaust silencer with head for the installation of a biogas catalytic converter

Horizontal design

Vertically mounted design with feet

For installation in a steel frame

Catalytic converter housing, dual outlet

Primary silencer with integrated catalytic converters for 4 MW engines