Temperature measurement / pressure measurement and data logging

The MIRA-MONITOR Continuous Parametric Monitoring System is a complete, easy-to-install and operate system that monitors and records catalyst operating parameters as required by the National Emission Standards for Hazardous Air Pollutants regulations.
The MIRATECH MIRA-MONITOR includes the equipment needed to monitor and record inlet temperature and differential pressure to comply with NESHAP CPMS requirements. Users can configure and extract logged data using the included software to provide credible evidence of continuous compliance.


Meets the minimum requirements of the German 44th BImSchV
• exclusive NOx recording consisting of:
- 4.3 inch LCD display
- Metal housing
- 12 months data storage
- Output NOx Value in mg/ Nm³ @ 5 % O2
- Input 4-20 mA signal engine load to start & stop recording
- USB 2.0 connection
- 6 - 32 VDC
- 3 m cable to NOx
- NOx sensor
- NOx probe


In addition to the normal MIRA-NOx:
+ 2 x temperature sensor with 3m cable each
+ Network connection via RJ45 port for transmission / storage & cloud analysis
+ Remote service module for sending data via SIM card
+ Possibility of transmitting CAN signals to the plant network

Sealing according to VDMA 6299

Make sure that you prove effective continuous catalyst operation - as a certified partner of AIR-SONIC:

• Prove the effective operation of the catalyst according to the requirements of the German 44th BImSchV - with the help of our wire rope seal
    o Not non-destructively removable
    o Tamper-proof

• The seal is supplied with all our catalysts - with the following data:
    o Serial number of the catalyst
    o Type of catalyst

• Let us certify you to carry out the sealing - Get the official "AIR-SONIC Certificate".

Trust in AIR-SONIC - your partner and expert in exhaust aftertreatment.
If you have any open questions or are interested, please do not hesitate to contact us!

Der MIRA-Monitor überwacht die Abgaswerte und wertet sie mit der integrierten Software aus

The cover of the AIR-SONIC slide-in housing is locked with a wire rope seal, which is led through two cross-hole screws.

The cover of the MIRATECH slide-in housing is locked with a wire rope seal, which is led through two cross-hole screws.

The cone housing is locked with a wire rope seal, which is passed through two slotted washers.

The cover of exhaust silencers or exhaust heat exchangers are closed with a wire rope seal which is passed through two cross-hole screws.