Catalyst Washing

Why wash a catalyst?

Engine exhaust gas is a dirty environment—catalysts get covered with sulfated ash, zinc, phosphorus and all sorts of contaminants. If it’s a MIRATECH catalyst, those contaminants probably haven’t permanently deactivated the catalyst—they may have just covered up the catalyst’s active ingredients—the precious metals. Catalyst durability is key, and MIRATECH catalysts are built to respond well to chemical washing.

Rather than replacing your catalyst prematurely, let us chemically wash it—the routine maintenance that removes contaminants, regenerates the catalyst surface and restores catalytic performance. When we’re done, we’ll test its performance on our Multi-Lambda Catalyst Test System®.

MIRATECH’s Catalyst Washing System is a proven, effective regeneration process. This know-how comes from operating a catalyst chemical manufacturing plant for over 25 years. This is a value-added maintenance service provided by MIRATECH and MIRATECH’s authorized Catalyst Service Centers.

Catalyst cleaning in our Catalyst Service Center - the first one in Germany:

• Extend the lifetime of your catalyst
• Save the money for a new catalyst and let us clean the old one
• In a controlled process we clean the catalyst from impurities
• Get a new wire rope seal after cleaning

Play it safe and check the performance - with our MLCTS:

• To ensure the success of the wash, we also offer testing of the removed catalyst - before and after the wash
• This way you can reinstall the old catalyst with a good feeling
• When the catalyst has reached the end of its performance, we will give you money for the old catalyst

Did you know that plain water or steam, or the incorrect sequence of chemicals, can actually harm your catalyst?

MIRATECH chemists specified the chemical cleaning solutions as most compatible with the catalyst formulations and most effective at removing a variety of chemical contaminants and ash.
A key advantage to MIRATECH’s catalyst washing process is the use of fresh chemical solutions for each batch of catalysts. Our customers are assured that their catalyst elements won’t become cross-contaminated by the masking and poisoning agents from someone else’s catalyst.

MIRATECH stands above the rest in catalyst washing. Don’t settle for systems that just soak your expensive catalyst elements in the wrong chemical solutions, the wrong sequence or use dirty solutions. Trust the know-how we developed by living every aspect of catalyst development and manufacturing.

The first MIRATECH Catalyst-Washing-Facility in Europe

Filling the cleaning solution into the washing tank