Compact, Integrated SCR for Natural Gas and Diesel Engines

Designed to Offer an Integrated Pre-packaged Solution.

• Compact design fits on generator enclosures or inside engine rooms

• Flexible inlet/outlet locations to simplify pipe routing

• For diesel applications, can comply with Tier 4 Final or better emission requirements. Can reduce NOx, CO, VOC, CH2O and PM10 emissions

• Integrates proven passive LTR™ low-temperature regeneration DPF (260°C regen)

• For natural gas applications, can be supplied as SCR or SCR/Oxidation integrated critical-grade silencing. Can reduce NOx, CO, VOC and CH2O emissions

• Can be supplied as SCR-only or DPF-only—additional catalysts may be added later in order to meet future requirements

• Integrated silencing

Intregrated technologies in a single-housing assembly

The MIRA-CUBE builds on proven MIRACTECH technologies and offers stationary engine owners/operators a more compact packaging option. For diesel engines, the MIRA-CUBE can contain LTR™ low-temperature regeneration DPF, diesel oxidation catalyst and SCR. Natural gas engine versions can contain MIRATECH BEAST oxidation catalysts and SCR. Any version can be supplied SCR-ready with DPF and/or oxidation catalyst installed, ready for simply adding SCR catalyst and controls later.
Everything is assembled into a compact, integrated package. The MIRA-CUBE is designed for diesel or natural gas engines from 1000 to 4000 kw. The MIRA-CUBE is your solution for a combined, pre-packed, single-housing system.

Easy installation and built-in sound attenuation

The MIRA-CUBE system comes complete with mounting rails suitable for supporting from below or suspending from overhead. Inlet and outlet location flexibility means the system can be tailored to fit your installation constraints. The system provides critical-grade silencing with higher levels of attenuation available.

Retrofit ready

The MIRA-CUBE’s compact size makes it ideal for retrofits of existing engines. Paired with a reactant tank system (The MIRA-POD) that combines a urea tank and all control/dosing equipment into one housing, retrofits are easier than ever.

Oxidation catalyst, diesel particulate filter, SCR system with mixer section and silencer in one compact housing.

A plug & play system for quick and easy installation. Also available completely in stainless steel.