Exhaust system

AIR-SONIC has been a system supplier for many years. We design and supply the entire exhaust gas line as a complete unit directly to the construction site. All components behind the turbocharger, exhaust aftertreatment system (SCR + Cat), silencers and energy recovery up to the chimney form a complete exhaust system. The more complex the requirements are, the more important it is to have an optimal combination of the respective required components.

AIR-SONIC can already meet today's future demands, as they come from the tightening of TA-Luft requirements. Stricter limits for nitric oxide, formaldehyde and other pollutants require new technologies.

Residual sound levels in industrial plants, especially in mixed-use zones, are becoming more complex and require efficient exhaust silencers. The reduction of the exhaust noise can be optimized to the required residual sound level by considering all the components contained in the exhaust system - SCR system, oxidation catalytic converter, exhaust gas heat exchanger and primary and secondary silencer.

The entire exhaust system from one source!

The silencer simultaneously functions as a mixer section to mix the added Adblue with the exhaust gas before it hits the SCR catalysts.

The exhaust system is located on 2 floors due to limited space

Compact and space-saving

The entire exhaust system from one source!