MeC-BEAST Catalyst

The MeC-BEAST Catalyst combines the innovative technologies of two industry leaders, MIRATECH and EmeraChem, to create unprecedented emissions-control capability. For superior performance and durability, plus the industry’s best warranty, you need the MeC-BEAST.


Turbulent Foil Geometry

• Eight optimized turbulent zones maximize destructive performance while reducing engine backpressure
• Maximizes HAPs exposure to catalyst substrate
• Added performance helps unit stay within permit limits longer
• For certain applications, less catalyst volume may be required to achieve the same reductions
• Optimized turbulent design reduces ash fouling and cleaning frequency
• Increased catalytic reactions provide greater potential for HAPs reductions, even in higher-BTU gas environments

Resistance Welding and Diffusion Bonding

• Gives catalyst greater mechanical stability over the thermal cycling life of the element
• Preserves the oxidized foil surface, for excellent coating adhesion (unlike brazing) and longer performance life

Increased Catalyst Surface Area and Coating Durability

• Greater catalyst masking tolerance, for longer performance
• Equivalent of 55 football fields of catalytic surface area on every cubic foot of catalyst
• Thermally stabilized wash coat provides greater resistance to sintering during prolonged operation at high temperatures

Increased Precious Metals Durability

• Higher tolerance to contaminants found in engine exhaust, lube oil and coolants
• Proprietary form of Pt yields super-high dispersion on the catalyst surface, for better performance and longer service life
• Advanced form of Rh, for greater service life and regenerative responsiveness to catalyst washes
• Three-year end-of-life warranty

Get 3 years warranty on your MeC-BEAST Catalyst