Oxidation Catalyst

Oxidation catalysts are designed for use with lean-burn engines (diesel engine). Oxi-Cats for diesel engines are also combined with particulate filters. The washcoat layer and precious metal loading are tailored to your needs. They reduce the pollutant emissions of carbon monoxide (CO) and unburned hydrocarbons (HC), such as formaldehyde, which would otherwise enter the environment.
Avoiding these pollutants is also good for people and the environment. Even small doses of carbon monoxide can be fatal. Nitric oxide is an enormous respiratory poison that has significant harmful effects on health.
Therefore, in recent years, the number of respiratory diseases has increased, especially in children. It also acts as a greenhouse effect on the ozone layer. The unburned hydrocarbons present in gasoline in the form of benzene are highly carcinogenic.

Oxidation catalytic converters with cylindrical casing enable variable installations
We offer serveral diameters for all applications

Slide-in housings for Schnell-Engines